Don’t Let the Sexual Disorders Crash Your Married Life

dsaDealing with sexual problems is not that frustrating as some people think. Everyone faces some or the other kind of problems in life. Some are physiological, and some are purely psychological. Meeting an expert sexologist is an easy and practical way of treating the problem. Some people think that there are no preventive steps for sexual disorders, but it is not true. It is possible to avoid them by keeping the body fit and healthy. Sexual dysfunction is a result of improper lifestyle, incorrect diet routine, and over indulgence in sex. A sexologist goes to the root of it by probing into the problem.

Sexual disorders like weak erection, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are very disturbing problems for men. If these problems are not addressed in time, you may suffer from relationship issues and low self-esteem. Reasons for sexual weakness in men include lack of testosterone, aging, diabetes, depression, excessive cigarette smoking and unresolved issues between couples, excessive alcohol intake, stress, tiredness, low libido, anxiety and low endurance. You may find a lot of products in the market to cure sexual weakness problem in men. Only herbal remedies address the root cause of the problem and offer effective treatment for sexual weakness in men.

Premature Ejaculation, the typical male sexual problem

As per statistics, almost every man faces it in the life. Since ejaculation is associated with male potency, it creates immense dissatisfaction. When the male ejaculates before the female reaches to the climax, intercourse can be highly frustrating. According to sexologists, there are multiple reasons for the problem and the first line of treatment is decided after carrying out certain tests. There are no preventive steps for sexual disorders like premature ejaculation; it can be controlled by prescribing proper medication and counseling. Hormonal treatment and anti-anxiety medicines improve the situation remarkably.

Female sexual disorders

These problems are predominantly associated with the physiological issues. Hormonal imbalance in a female body causes dryness in the vagina. It makes the physical relation a painful experience. According to experts, the problem can be controlled by giving hormone treatment and topical medication (gel or cream). Estrogen is the main female hormone that brings elasticity and smoothness in the vagina. Like male sexual disorders, you can’t follow any preventive steps for sexual disorders in women. However, the problem can be treated effectively using modern medicines. It is important that couples do not ignore the problem and meet an expert as early as possible.

Mutual understanding and cooperation are important to deal with sexual disorders. When any of the partners faces a sexual problem, the other partner should show empathy and consideration. Ample time should be given to the foreplay. In extreme cases, surgical options are tried. In the case of male sexual disorders which are caused by physiological problems, surgery is the only option. Nowadays, several options are available that are painless and fast.

Timely investigation and correct diagnosis can resolve the sexual disorders completely and restore the charm and excitement in the married life of a couple.