Tips For A Newly Wed Groom To Adjust In A Kannada Family

cabThere was a time when people used to consider Kannada families as bit traditional. But now, you will see that even they have become quite forward. So, if you are a new groom and have got the girl from a Kannada family then you can stay assured that you would have good gelling up with them. Kannada matrimony has so many rituals and customs. Thus, if you are a happy go lucky person who does not like to be part of such rituals then you must tame your mind a bit. It would be important that you have to get used to a few rituals. This is because; it would make the elders in the family happy.

The Kannada brides are pretty forward

It is important that note that even though the elders in a Kannada family would be more of the people who would love traditions, but the girls are quite forward. They are kept like in the way they can be all rounder. They respect the elders and at the same time they can work along with you. So, if you are a new groom then you must know what all rituals would be there and at the same time you should be happy that you found a girl which is really good by all means.

Tips you must remember

  • Being the new groom for a Kannada family, you must start respecting the elders. They would like talking to you and knowing things about you. It is not that they are interviewing you. But in reality, they just want to gel up with you.
  • In Kannada matrimony the relatives would call the new groom for lunch and dinner after the wedding. In fact, this is common for almost all castes. Thus, you should just find out from the bride as to who’s who and who’s doing what. This would help in keeping the conversations better.
  • You can find out from some Kannada friend as to what kind of dressing should be worn at the wedding. Also, there would be many side functions and what all clothing and attire should be worn. You can even find such details from the internet.
  • Being the groom to a Kannada family, the family would have a few expectations from you. These things are all emotionally attached and so you must try to fulfill them if possible.

Kannada people are very much sweet and they love authentic foods. If you have never tried such typical south Indian foods then you would feel bit different. Since you have got married to the Kannada bride, it would be vital to know a bit of the background and about the place. This will help in initiating the conversations. In one way, you must try to be part of the family and this would keep your wife happy forever. Every female wants that the husband should love and respect her family! So, just be sure as to how you wish to go ahead.